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As we are trying to escape the heat of the Florida summers, we always count on our comfortably cooled home or office to bring us some relief. We expect our air conditioners to not only battle the heat but also keep our homes and offices cool through the days and nights. To keep your AC unit running efficiently we offer maintenance programs tailored to the specific requirements of residential or commercial demands. Regardless of your location in Southwest Florida, you can take advantage of the benefits our maintenance programs offer.

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In our experience, the vast majority of AC repairs are due to neglected maintenance. You can trust in the knowledge and experience of our trained professionals to keep your AC unit running efficiently day and night. Our Maintenance Agreements are designed to make the process easy. We have accommodating scheduling, competitive pricing, and service performed by highly trained technicians. Our AC professionals are licensed and fully insured, they will respect your property and complete all work quickly and efficiently.

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Do I need an Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement?

HVAC can consume up to 50% of the electricity used in a house. During the summer months, this number could climb significantly and this will place a great strain on your air conditioning unit as it is constantly working to keep your home cool.

A Maintenance Agreement from Modern Service can help your AC unit work as efficiently as possible. It can help lengthen the lifespan of your air conditioner and help identify issues before they disrupt your life. A twice a year checkup and tuneup can also help reduce the wear and tear on your AC System and at the same time reduce your monthly utility bill.

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Call us today at (239) 360-3227 and start saving with our Maintenance Agreement. We handle all makes and models of air conditioners and help maximize value at every opportunity.

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