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Below are accessories and services that we offer to upgrade your Air Conditioning system or to improve your home comfort and safety. If you have any questions regarding these accessories and services and the Discounted Special “While We’re At It…” rates, please contact a Modern & Anderson Services representative at: 239-694-8300.

Air Purifiers

Fresh-Aire® UV Germicidal Ultraviolet Lights………$999 Suggested Retail

Even in the cleanest homes there are micro-organisms breeding within your air conditioning system. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that the air you breathe within your home may be five times more polluted than the air outside. This is particularly troublesome if someone in your home or business suffers from allergies or respiratory problems.

The cool damp environment in your air handler is vulnerable to the growth of mold. Not only does this present a health risk, but it can also reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. A Fresh-Aire® light system helps sterilize micro-organisms on the cooling coils and surrounding surfaces, saves energy and helps reduce the need for system maintenance.

Indoor Pollutants that may affect your health and comfort include:

  • Mold & Spores
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Dust Mites
  • Bacteria & Viruses

How You Can Benefit from the Fresh-Aire® UV Germicidal Ultraviolet Light:

  • Kills mold and mildew
  • Provides a healthier living environment, especially for those challenged with allergies or respiratory issues
  • Reduces household odors
  • Improves your air conditioning systems performance and efficiency
  • Can help reduce operating costs and extend the life of your system
  • Lifetime Warranty on ballast.
  • 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on bulbs

Second Wind® Clean Breeze Air Purifiers……….$399 Suggested Retail


The Second Wind Clean Breeze Air Purifier offers patent pending technology to destroy, remove or render harmless bio-aerosols and volatile organics found in the air we breathe. Filters are used mostly to remove inert particulates from the air flow in your home. This accounts for only about 35% of the indoor air quality problem. The greater portion of contaminates are microscopic gases and bio-aerosols and need to be addressed using more advanced systems.

When you install a Second Wind Air Purifier into your current Air Conditioning system the purification process targets the most dangerous elements in the indoor air contamination issue. By installing the Second Wind Air Purifier you can effectively turn your air conditioning system into a clean air machine.

24 Volt UV Germicidal Clean Breeze Second Wind Air Purifier
Benefits and Features:

  • 24 Volt power supply
  • Disinfects mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Easy installation of remote lamp unit
  • Shielded water resistant lamps
  • Internal mount lamp and power supply design
  • Reduce Odors
  • 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Ballast / 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Bulbs
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Improves air handlers energy efficiency
  • See detailed Spec Sheet


Featured Product: Source-1 Programmable Thermostat…….$225 Suggested Retail


The S1-THSU32HP7S is our high end residential thermostat. This thermostat offers superior performance in its ability to control and monitor humidity. The Source-1 LX Series Programmable thermostat is feature rich and includes outdoor temperature sensing, averaging the thermostat’s temperature sensor with a wireless remote temperature sensor, and is dual fuel compatible.

Partial Feature List includes:

  • Switchable 1 day, 5/2 day, 7 day programmable or non-programmable
  • Adjustable backlight intensity
  • Backlit display
  • Up to 4 stages of heating, 2 stages of cooling
  • Customizable service alerts and error messages
  • Switchable manual and auto changeover
  • Outdoor sensor ready with display of hi/lo daily temperatures
  • Wireless accessories including add-a-wireless thermostat
  • Heat pump compatible
  • Dual units (F or C)
  • Random start
  • Keeps separate track of heating and cooling runtimes
  • Programmable fan option turns fan on periodically based on special program, ideal for electronic air cleaners
  • And more…
  • Full feature list

Using the Optional LX USB programmer you may program a custom message on the scrolling marquee.

We also carry Honeywell thermostats and many other thermostat brands. Call for details and to order your programmable thermostat today! Modern & Anderson Services 239-694-8300

Air Conditioning Filters

AirGuard Bio-Pure® Pleated Panel Filters……….$225 Suggested Retail

Antimicrobial Treated Filters
for improved IAQ applications to inhibit growth of microorganisms on the filters

  • 1″, 2″, 4″ thicknesses
  • Available in 14.5 and 10 pleats per foot (2″)
  • 25-30% efficiency

Modern Air Filter ……………..$150 Suggested Retail

12 filters

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clothes Dryer Fires are a Real Threat to Your Home Safety

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, dirty, clogged dryer vents are the #1 reason for all household fires. Keeping your dryer vents clean is a critically important step for home safety. Approximately 12,000 dryer fires occur in homes every year resulting in injury and loss of life, as well as millions of dollars in property damage.

Protect your family and your home by getting a professional dryer vent cleaning. You can save on utility bills and reduce drying times. Check out the U.S. Fire Administration report here.

Surge/Lightning Arresters

ArrestorGuard® Secondary Surge Arrester………..$150 Suggested Retail

by Intermatic

The Intermatic Surge Arrester is also known as a Lightning Arrester.
Many people think that lightning and utility power surges are the primary cause of power disruptions. However, the overwhelming cause of power disturbances is actually equipment such as, motors and appliances, switching off and on. It is estimated that 65% of transient voltage surges are caused by inside sources and only 35% are generated by outside sources.

AG Series
ArresterGuard® Secondary Surge Arresters
Surge Protection

Product Features

  • Specific model for every voltage
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor installations on service
    entrance and utility meter cabinets
  • Parallel metal oxide varistors (MOV) from each line to
    grounded neutral provide increased product capability
  • Molded polycarbonate housing with 1/2” x 20 threaded
    nipple is weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Epoxy encapsulation protects components from moisture,
    dirt and corrosion
  • Color coded 18” leads (AG6503L has 36” leads)
  • 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty